Purpose and Strategic Plan

Three-Year Strategic Plan
(Effective FY 2012-2013 through FY 2014-2015, adopted by the Board on January 27, 2012)
Help geoprofessionals maximize their importance and value to the marketplace, achieve business excellence, and manage risk.
ASFE will accomplish its purpose through advocacy, education, and collaboration.
Geoprofessional Firms
Geoprofessional firms provide geotechnical, geologic, environmental, construction materials engineering and testing, and related services.
ASFE Values
  • Professionalism
  • Business focus
  • Responsiveness
  • Enjoyable relationships
  • Openness and trust
    Planning Context
    • Geoprofessionals are essential to the welfare of society.
    • Marginalization and commoditization are critical business issues challenging the welfare of geoprofessional firms.
    • Excellence in business practices, with particular emphasis on risk management and loss prevention, is essential to the success of geoprofessional firms.
    • ASFE must become a more influential organization to lead change. Increasing membership and resources is essential to do this.
    • Collaboration with alliances (organizations that comprise or include geoprofessionals), clients, and influencer groups (organizations that comprise or include clients and/or those that influence clients) is critical to achieving our purpose.
    • Globalization is an increasingly important business consideration.
    Long-Term Vision
    • Geoprofessionals’ enjoy significant marketplace influence and a highly positive image.
    • Clients commonly appreciate geoprofessionals’ value and so deploy them wisely.
    • ASFE-Member Firms outperform nonmember firms.
    • ASFE is:
      • a leader in advancing the geoprofessions;
      • an attractive, dynamic, growing organization;
      • recognized as an important resource by those who comprise member and nonmember firms;
      • extensively engaged with alliance and influencer groups; and
      • relevant to geoprofessionals outside North America.
    Strategic Goals 2012-2015
    Increase Membership
    1. Employ a membership director who is effectively recruiting new members and retaining existing members.
    2. Identify prospective members and provide incentives that encourage them to join.
    3. Achieve effective outreach to members and nonmembers using digital media – including social media and webinars – as well as person-to-person contact.
    4. Host at the Fall and Spring (Annual) Meetings representatives of targeted, Meeting-local prospective-Member Firms.
    5. Develop and implement marketing and branding plans.
    Develop Outreach to Alliances, Clients, and Influencer Groups
    1. Develop and employ mechanisms for active collaboration among alliances.
    2. Begin engaging clients and influencer groups and advising them about the importance and value of the geoprofessions.
    Achieve Deeper and Broader Engagement of Member Firms
    1. Continue to bring Member Firms’ “rising stars” into ASFE via the New Leaders’ Committee.
    2. Develop and leverage digital media, including social media and webinars, to achieve effective outreach to members.
    3. Develop and promote peer-to-peer communications.
    4. Develop and promote communication among Member Firms’ IT, HR, legal, and finance personnel.
    5. Increase Fall and Spring (Annual) Meeting attendance.
    Enhance Educational Resources
    1. Deliver Fall and Spring (Annual) Meeting programs that are highly valued by attendees.
    2. Make selected Fall and Spring (Annual) Meeting presentations readily available to a broader audience.
    3. Develop educational materials specifically to support our purpose, including a library of PowerPoint presentations.
    4. Make all educational resources easily available in digital form.

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