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“Only ASFE.” That’s something you’ll hear a lot of when you speak with those associated with ASFE-Member Firms.

“Only ASFE has such outstanding resources, especially those that are discipline-specific.”

“Only ASFE gives its resources to members free of charge.”

“Only ASFE has such a high year-to-year membership renewal history.” (ASFE’s biggest cause of nonrenewal is mergers and acquisitions involving two member firms. Some ASFE-Member Firms will consider joining forces only with another ASFE-Member Firm, because ASFE involvement tends to create highly compatible business cultures and philosophies.)

“Only ASFE members intentionally pay dues that exceed what’s required, because they believe that ASFE gives them more ‘bang for the buck’ than any other organization ‘out there.’” (About one of every two member firms expresses their gratitude this way.)

“Only ASFE will refund 100% of the application fee and dues paid if, after one full year of membership, a firm is not satisfied with the value received.”

“Only ASFE developed a program – Peer Review – cited by Engineering News-Record as one of the 125 most significant construction-industry innovations of the last 125 years. No other association or society was cited for anything.”

If your firm engages in geoprofessional practice – geotechnical, civil, and infrastructure engineering; environmental science; and construction materials engineering and testing, in particular – welcome home! ASFE is your association; an organization of geoprofessionals, by geoprofessionals, and for geoprofessionals. No other organization can even come close to making that claim. But fear not! ASFE collaborates with the many other organizations you or your firm may belong to, to avoid duplication of effort.

Established in 1968 to focus on loss prevention, ASFE’s mission expanded along with the growth of its membership, in terms of numbers and in terms of the disciplines they practiced. Until recently, the group focused principally on risk management and developed what some regard as the professional-service industry’s most effective risk-management programs, services, and materials ever. Now, the group has set the bar even higher, by focusing on gaining merited recognition for its members’ business and professional acumen and accomplishments. This purpose embraces the precepts of risk management, to be sure; but it also encourages more meaningful involvement in project planning and execution, to lower risks still more, to gain a more rewarding scope of service, and to help members attract and retain some of the best personnel and clients “out there.”

Your active involvement in ASFE and your use of what it has available should help you improve your top line and bottom line. It should also help you and others in your firm feel proud to be geoprofessionals, in part by your ability to demonstrate as a matter of routine what professionalism is really all about, in business as well as in whatever professional disciplines you practice.

ASFE's newsletter, NewsLog, issued every two weeks, is a definitive resource. Since 1969, NewsLog has provided the latest information on effective practices, client relations, legal rulings, educational events, limitation of liability, contract clauses, professional selling techniques, human resources management, and ASFE itself. It includes information about member news, committee work, ASFE publications, and new members. Click here to read some recent articles.


Practice Alerts

ASFE publishes Practice Alerts periodically to address hot-button issues in professional practice that are available exclusively to ASFE-Member Firms and Associate Members.  See the complete list here.

Publications and Materials
ASFE produces and maintains a variety of publications and other materials of benefit to its members. Click here for a complete list of ASFE publications.

Membership Meetings
ASFE holds two membership meetings each year, one in the spring, usually held in a major city in the United States or Canada, and one in the fall, usually at a resort.They are open to firm representatives and their guests. Each meeting offers many educational and networking sessions. Plan to attend an ASFE meeting. There, you will meet the movers and shakers of ASFE, those who have been active members and practicing professionals for years, even, in some cases, for decades. Learn from these people. Their collective knowledge and expertise are awesome; their acquaintance and friendship, invaluable. ASFE has always given members collective wisdom about professional practice, risk management, contract negotiation, and much, much more. It has nurtured professional relationships that have enriched many individuals' practices and personal lives. Click here for information on upcoming meetings and other events.

BackYard Seminars
ASFE 's BackYard Seminars are so-called because they are brought on request to the "back yard" of a firm, group of firms, agency, association, or college. This approach makes such seminars far more affordable than they otherwise would be, by eliminating significant promotional and administrative expenses. Those who attend the courses receive professional development Hours (PDHs) for their involvement. Click here for more information about BackYard Seminars.

Other Programs
ASFE also offers Peer Review, Fundamentals of Professional Practice, audio education, model contracts, client communication tools, case histories, and marketing assistance designed to help firms to realize professional and financial success. Click here for information about ASFE's Publications and Programs.

Join an ASFE committee.  Committee get-togethers are brainstorming sessions. Participants consider where the profession is today, where it should be, and how ASFE can help it get there. Join a committee!  Click here for information on ASFE's committees.

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